About Us

In the dark days of Autumn 2017, somewhere in the vast wilds of Twitter, two hale and hearty fellows, let’s call them Scott (professional pilot) and Steve (total AvGeek), began to chat about their shared passion for aviation. Eventually, when they felt reasonably sure that neither was a serial killer – and despite Scott’s wife Sharon’s worry that Steve might steal Scott’s kidney – they agreed to meet up for a beer IRL. An instant friendship was born – and everyone still has their kidneys.

As their friendship blossomed, our two fearless fellows spent lots of time together; introducing their families, dining in each other’s homes, and sharing adult beverages in cities around the world. On a trip to Italy in 2018, as they sat in the pool at 2:30AM gazing at stars in an inky black sky, an idea formed. 

There must, reasoned our heroes, be many others across the globe who shared their passion for aviation and who would welcome the chance to be part of a community of like-minded individuals. A community in which questions could be asked and answers could be provided by knowledgeable experts; in which photos, videos, and stories could be shared; in which aircraft, spacecraft, and UAVs could be debated. To test this theory, Scott and Steve turned to their wives who both said, “sure, if you say so.” Taking that as proof of concept, they set off to find other members for their merry band.

Serendipitously, they knew a skilled private pilot who happened to be not only a font of useful information about aviation, but also an incredibly talented TV presenter. Since Scott and Steve have faces for radio, they were lucky that Arthur (all-around legend) was willing to join in the adventure.

Together, Scott, Steve, and Arthur are the AvGeeks: a community started by three airplane-crazed nutters (#AvGeeks) with the intent to foster dialogue, discussion, and debate around all things #aviation. We hope to make this an inclusive environment where all are welcome, connections are made, and a global community is created. 

Welcome to TheAvGeeks.

Let the mayhem and shenanigans begin!

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